First screenshots of Dontnod's action-RPG Vampyr are especially dark


In both senses of the word

We’ve already seen a little bit of what to expect from Dontnod’s upcoming action role-playing game Vampyr, through both a teaser video and some concept art. Both showed a dark world, in both the feasting-on-the-blood-of-humans and the it-is-night-time-and-there-are-few-lamps senses. With the first set of screenshots released today, the Life is Strange developer is really sticking to that idea.

Maybe it’s just my setup here with a lot of natural light bouncing off my screen, but these screens are so dark I can hardly tell what’s going on in them without pressing my face up against the monitor. There’s a dark silhouette walking down a dark alleyway. There are some dark figures in front of a dark version of Monty Python’s “bring out your dead” cart. There are some dark monsters with what look like fungus growing on their arms? I don’t know; the point is that things are dark.