Flame Fatales all-women's speedrun marathon raises an amazing $126,830 for charity


Speed Shemons

The fast femmes of Frame Fatales have succeeded in absolutely smashing their previous speedrun marathon records. On Saturday, August 21, the curtain fell on another awesome Flame Fatales event, with the all-women team having raised an incredible $126,830 USD following seven straight days of fast-paced gaming action.

Once again held in a socially distanced online capacity, Flame Fatales saw the Games Done Quick sub-community ply their trade on a wide variety of video games, old and new. Among the titles smashed with frame-stealing expertise was Super Mario Maker, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Stardew Valley, Super Meat Boy, Bayonetta 2, Axiom Verge, and, of course speedrun veterans Super Metroid and Silent Hill 2. It was a fascinating watch, as always, with great gameplay married to insightful commentary and Frame Fatales’ engaging community spirit.

The money raised will be donated directed to non-profit organization The Malala Fund, which continues in its vitally important efforts to that ensure women and girls worldwide are provided access to safe, free, quality education, regardless of their status, background, nationality, or local economy. Back in the fall of 2020, the Fleet Fatales event raised an impressive $80,000, so this season’s six-figure sum is a massive cause for celebration — money that will no doubt go some way to facilitating opportunities for women during a time a global crisis.

If you’d like to check out the week’s action for yourself, then each and every speedrun is currently archived over on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel. If you’d like to get involved with the Frame Fatales community, then speak to the organizers about visiting the group’s Discord. Congratulations to all of the runners and staff involved in making Flame Fatales 2021 such an amazing success, your drive, talent, and compassion remains both awesome and endlessly inspiring.

The next Frame Fatales event, Frost Fatales, will take place February 27 – March 5, 2022.

We are all Bidoof on this blessed day.

Thank you for joining us for #FlameFatales 2021, and coming together to raise $126,830 for @MalalaFund.

We look forward to seeing you for #FrostFatales Feb 27th – March 5th 2022. pic.twitter.com/iDJRYvWMWs

— Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick) August 22, 2021