Fortnite is adding bots for lower-level players


One part of a matchmaking overhaul

For Fortniteplayers who find kills tough to come by, there’s an easier opponent on the horizon. Epic Games finally plans to introduce a proper MMR system into Fortnite, and, in the case of less-skilled players, that means adding some non-human opponents into the mix.

As part of the upcoming V10.40 update, Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode will start filtering players into lobbies where everyone is similarly skilled. It’s a change that Epic has been flirting with for more than a year. It’s a divisive topic. Implementing it means better players generally don’t have any easy kills, and every match is sweaty. But, because matches are no longer randomized lobbies, the lower-level players have a better chance at nabbing a Victory Royale.

To help get those less-skilled players up to speed in Fortnite, Epic is going to add bots to matches. This works hand in hand with the new matchmaking system. As players go up in skill, there will be fewer bots in the matches. Eventually, once a certain skill threshold is reached, only human players will be present. Crucially, bots won’t be used in competitive playlists.

All of this is a big step in making Fortnitemore accessible. The lower-level players will soon have match features that offer a realistic path to improvement — even if it means taking advantage of some bots along the way. Competitive players have to prove they can hang with people who are equally rated to them. If they need easy kills from low-rated players to stay afloat, maybe they aren’t as good as they think they are.

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