Fortnite teases rug-cutting new 'Disco Domination' mode


Plus Freeze Traps on the way

Battle Royale phenomenon Fortnite is currently teasing an odd-sounding new limited-time mode known as Disco Domination, alongside a picture of a group of character staking time out from all the building and killing to bust a groove.

Although details are scant at present, it appears that the idea behind the mode will be to capture points on the map – designated by groovy dance floors – by being first to hit the lino and bust out their best emotes. Teams who can put on an uninterrupted dance number will steal the point. A nutty idea for sure, but I like it.

And if it sounds like there might be too much Disco Inferno-ing on route, then perhaps you can help people chill out with the all new Freeze Traps, which are currently headed to Fortnite’s ever-expanding arsenal. These floor-laid devices will slow any sap who comes into contact with them whilst doing gradual damage. Ice to see you.

Both Disco Domination and Freeze Traps are expected to go live in the near-future. Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.