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Forza Horizon 4's first add-on searches for lost treasure while driving through lightning storms

Quickly, to Fortune Island!

Forza Horizonhas long welcomed ridiculousness with open arms. How else could you describe a series that routinely launches sports cars off giant ramps? Forza Horizon 4seems like it’ll one-up itself with its first add-on.

At Xbox’s X018 event today, the Fortune IslandDLC was revealed for Forza Horizon 4. Developer Playground Games describes the add-on by saying “Fortune Islandtakes players on an all-new adventure in the remote northern reaches of the British Isles, where they will encounter extreme conditions including fierce lightning storms, perilous cliffside dirt roads, and sweeping paved mountain switchbacks under the mystical glow of the aurora borealis in search of hidden treasure.”

What could Forza Horizon 4be hiding? What kind of loot could be buried in the north of Britain that warrants playing Unchartedbut with a car as a protagonist? Who knows, but it certainly sounds both different and intriguing.

Fortune Islandreleases on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on December 13. It’ll cost $20; alternatively, it’s also included as part of the $35 season pass. Consider it an investment. You’re treasure hunting so you’ll probably make that money back several times over.

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