Free Scales pack now available for all Monster Hunter: World players


Weekend freebies continue

To celebrate the ongoing Monster Hunter championships in Japan, Capcom continue to hand out free in-game items to players logging into their blockbuster title Monster Hunter: World.

This week, jumping into the game will bag you a free Scale Pack, colourfully titled The New World Way! Local Goods Gift Set. Included are 30 Great Gunpower Fish scales, 40 Sushifish scales and 10 of the rare Whetfish Fin+, all for just logging in, which you were probably going to do anyway, right? Isn’t everybody playing this?

As usual, Capcom have also updated the game’s Event Quest Schedule, a checklist of sorts for all the bounties just waiting to be claimed by your party. You can find the updated schedule right here.Monster Hunter: World is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.