Freedom Finger will be prodding PC and Nintendo Switch September 27


Naughty shmup takes off next month

Indie developer Wide Right Games has announced that their animated shmup title Freedom Finger will launch late next month, jetting off on PC and Nintendo Switch September 27.

The “Batshit Crazy Space Shooter” sees players control a hand-shaped vessel, poking, grabbing and slapping their way through the galaxy on a mission to rescue an American research team. Freedom Finger contains 12 worlds, housing some 30 stages, all realised in an irreverent cartoon style.

The voice cast includes Nolan North and John DiMaggio, with a rocking soundtrack featuring bands such as METZ, Vanity Set, Com Truise, Vektroid and Red Fang. Given the game’s South Park-esque approach to comedy and dialogue, a censored option will be included to protect the ears of the sensitive, such as myself.

Freedom Finger launches September 27 on PC and Nintendo Switch.