Friday Night Fights: Happy Holidays


Game with the Dtoid community

Happy Friday!

And what a Friday it is! It’s the Friday before Christmas! Hooray! (You can tell I’m excited by the number of exclamation points I’ve used so far).

Anyway, since it’s the Friday before Christmas, I was wondering, “What doyouwant Santa to bring you?” A new console? New games? World Peace? A bathtub filled with ice cream that never melts and never goes empty? The secret to life itself!?!?


Let me know in the comments, and before any of you tell me Santa isn’t real, let me just leave you with this; “nya nya nya nya nya nya yes he is! I’m not listening, I’m not listening!

-From myself and the rest of the Destructoid staff, have a Wonderful Holiday!

Let’s get to the games!

Friday Night Fights

New to FNF? Read this!Each week, a bunch of us Dtoiders get together to play videogames online! It’s a 100% community-run event, so feel free to join in or even host something yourself!

The planning for FNF starts in theforums, where community members sign up to host matches and post their pertinent details (game, time, Gamertag, etc.). Then, every Friday, reminder posts go up in thecommunity blogsthanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, and I recap it all here on the front page to give it a bit more exposure.

To join in, simply send a friend request to the match host! If you’d rather host something yourself, sound off in the comments section below!

360 FNF

Tonight’s Games:

    • I looked out the window and seen his bald headHost: I ran to the fridge and pulled out an egg, scoped him with my scopesTime: He had no hair, launched that shot and he was caught out there.

          Check out the Xbox FNF blog for more info!

          Playstation FNF

          Tonight’s Games:

          • Anarchy Reigns (PS3)Host: Last Scion of the House of Blue Lions (PSN: Blue_Lion_Scion)Time 6 Pacific | 9 Eastern
          • Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4)Host: Trev (PSN: ElZilcho)Time 7 Pacific | 10 Eastern
          • Persona 4 Arena (PS3)Host: Marche100 (PSN: TSG-Marche100)Time 7 Pacific | 10 Eastern
          • Dragon’s Crown (PS3)Host: NeoShinGunadm (PSN: neoshingundam)Time 7 Pacific | 10 Eastern
          • Warframe (PS4)Host: Trev (PSN: ElZilcho)Time 9 Pacific | 12 AM Eastern

                    Check out the PS FNF blog for more info!

                    PS3 FNF

                    Tonight’s Games:

                    • Soul SacrificeHost: Trev (PSN: ElZilcho)Time: 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern

                    Check out the PS FNF blog for more info!

                    Wii U FNF

                    Tonight’s Games:

                    • Just plug me in like I was Eddie HarrisHost: You’re eating crazy cheese like you’d think I’m from ParisTime: You know I get fly, you think I get high, you know that I’m gone and I’m a tell you all why

                    Check out the Nintendo FNF blog for more info!

                    3DS FNF

                    Tonight’s Games:

                    • Because mutiny on the bounty’s what we’re all aboutHost: I’m gonna board your ship and turn it out, no soft sucker with a parrot on his shoulderTime: ‘Cause I’m bad gettin’ bolder – cold getting colder.

                      Check out the Nintendo FNF blog for more info!

                      PC FNF

                      Tonight’s Games:

                      • Team Fortress 2(early game)Server: 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern
                      • King of Fighters XIIIHost: pk fire (Steam ID: pk fire)Time: 6 Pacific | 9 Eastern
                      • Team Fortress 2(late game)Server: 9 Pacific | 12 Eastern

                        Check out the PC FNF blog for more info!

                        Weekend Warriors

                        Free this weekend? Why not sign up to host something forWeekend Warriors?!It’s like Friday Night Fightsall weekend long!Sign up in the comments orForum threadif you’re interested!


                        • Riddle me this brother, can you handle itHost: Your style to my style, you can’t hold a candle to itTime: Equinox symmetry and the balance is right, smokin’ and drinkin’ on a Tuesday night.


                        • Now here’s a little story I’ve got to tellHost: About three bad brothers you know so wellTime: It started way back in history, with Adrock, M.C.A and me – Mike D.

                        Check out the Weekend Warriors thread for more info!