Fuel for the Mega Man X revival fire? Capcom says the Mega Man X Legacy Collections 'performed well'


‘Thanks to a dedicated fan base’

For the past few months we’ve been diligently following any news of a potential Mega Man Xrevival (the last major release was Mega Man X8in 2004), and so far the chances for one are actually pretty good.

In addition to several hints, Capcom also just shared their earnings for the past six months, noting a net sale increase of 28.5% with its operating income up 110.1%. Capcom says that the “sensation” of Monster Hunter: Worldis mostly to blame with 10 million units shipped, which is a “first for any single title in Capcom’s history.”

But they’re also thrilled with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, as well as the Mega Man X Legacy Collectionduo, noting that “the Digital Contents business drove earnings, resulting in the highest operating income at the end of a second quarter in company history.” Capcom singles out the Mega Man Xre-releases in particular, saying that it “performed well thanks to a dedicated fan base and strong brand capabilities.”

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