Funny RPG West of Loathing hits Switch next week


All in good fun

It may not look like much at a glance, but West of Loathing knows the best way to our hearts: laughter. It’s an open-ended RPG with an affection for point-and-click adventuring, and now it’s making the leap from PC to Nintendo Switch. Look for the game to pop up on the eShop next Thursday, May 31.

Kevin reviewed West of Loathing for us, calling it “insanely funny” in his 9 out of 10 review.

“The main storyline is fairly simple to tackle, but the side quests can often bear delightfully twisted brainteasers. From mundane tasks like filing paperwork in the proper order just so you can convince the bartender to sell you a glass of whiskey to helping a man fused with a cactus cure their loneliness, the game did a wonderful job of consistently pushing me into actually wanting to complete even totally optional missions.” I respect any developer who saves the good stuff for side content.