Funstock's pre-order code brings The Division to only $41


Totally not Destiny

It’s been a slow gaming quarter in the sense that we haven’t had any big releases sans a few titles like Metal Gear Solid V. So it’s no surprise that retailers are tossing out discounts left and right to entice gamers. Funstock, a UK-based retailer with an arm in the digital PC space, is currently running a 25% coupon code on pre-orders to get your attention.

Because Funstock operates out of the UK, prices are in GBP. So unless there are specific instant savings discounts on select titles, even at 25% off we’re not saving much after currency conversion.

Regardless, select pre-order titles includingTom Clancy’s The Divisiondo get a price chop. This means you can stack the coupon on top of the deal to get the upcoming squad-based, co-op shooter with MMO-ish elements. (Latest release date confirmation is March 8, 2016.)


We’ve included the above GBP and EU prices for our friends abroad. The whole task involved a lot of cutting and pasting, so we’re going to publicly give ourselves a virtual pat on the back.

Speaking of virtual circlejerks, while gameplay demo videos of The Division make it seem like a compelling game, only time will tell if the delayed release will grant us a polished product.

Astute gamers will also notice many of the Ubisoft titles above are not discounted at other usual digital retailers. It’ll be interesting to see if these discounts show up elsewhere at a future date.

Finally, the coupon code should last until end of the month but no real word on the instant savings, which may go poof at any time.

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