Fury is sick of all the dillydallying in Darksiders III's intro video


Yap yap yap yap yap

There’s a lot of heavy-worded pomp and circumstance in the three-minute Darksiders IIIintroduction video. Well, until Fury gets a chance to say her piece. She’d rather just get on with the killing.

Shortly thereafter, the narrator states the obvious and says “You are the most impatient of your kin.” Fury really doesn’t want to hear it. You can learn a lot about her personality by the way she handles this interaction. You can also learn a lot about her personality by the fact that her name is Fury.

Darksiders IIIreleases next week on November 27. We’ll have a verdict for you sometime around then as to whether Gunfire Games (formerly Vigil Games) succeeded with the third installment in the series it knows best. But, based on what I saw at PAX West, it’s looking good.