Fyrst look at more beautiful Firewatch fyytage


Fun with thumbnails!

I wrote about Firewatch‘s topless teens, meaty hands, and mystery way, way back at the beginning of this year (wanna feel old!?).

The gorgeous, narrative driven game from artist Olly Moss, Mark of the NinjadesignerNels Anderson, and season oneThe Walking Deadwriters and designers Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin seemed like it was doing that same GDC demo at PlayStation Experience, but IGN has some additional gameplay from after that section in the game.

And the “first” thumbnail looks like “fyrst” against the x-shaped beams; that’s that joke, explained. Not a great one, but mildly amusing. I watched enough to see that cardboard ranger, but I’m pretty content not seeing anymore of Firewatch, especially with the dialogue focus, until I can play the whole thing for myself. But it’s so dang pretty I won’t hold it against you if you want to see more.