Gal Gun: Double Peace is out in July, has a crazy ESRB description


‘Are you sure you can pull out in time?’

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about the localization efforts for the latest Gal Gungame, Double Peace, but Inti Creates finally broke their silence this week byannouncing that it was set for July 15 in Europe, and July 19 in North America (for PS4 and Vita).

And there doesn’t seem to be any alterations either, based on this ESRB rating, which has tentacle monsters, “sexually suggestive positions,” “moaning sounds,” and lines like “Are you sure you can pull out in time?” Like we’ve talked about recently, it’s always great to see some pure localizations.

Our ownCJ Andriessen is ready to review it next month.

Gal Gun: Double Peace [ESRB] Thanks Dave!