Galak-Z is coming to Switch in 'Variant S' form


Playable at E3

Some of you may remember Galak-Z — the fun but flawed anime love-letter shoot ’em up from 2015. Some of you probably don’t. And that’s okay! Because with an impending Switch release, you’re probably going to be hearing about it soon enough, as is the case with most Switch ports.

Just announced by way of publisher GungHo Online Entertainment, Galak-Z is getting a Switch version under the name of “Variant S.” It’ll be playable at E3, and will contain “new changes,” as well as the obvious tabletop and handheld modes.

Again if you’re in the dark you can check out our review, and for returning players; more information will be coming out in just a few weeks about what’s actually new. In the meantime we’ve reached out to developer17-BIT for clarification.

Variants [Galak-Z via Gematsu]