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Gallery: Leaked Dark Souls III screenshots look legit

Supposedly releasing next year

Following a report that Bandai Namco would announce Dark Souls III later this month at E3, The Know has come out with a slew of supposed screenshots and information for the game.

This is the same group responsible for that silly rumor about Microsoft buying Silent Hills (for, uh, billions of dollars), but I can’t deny that these images look genuine. As for the details covered in the video, I’m a little more skeptical, particularly regarding those specific numbers. Here’s a summary:

  • Dark Souls III will release next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and possibly PC
  • 1-4 players, as in past games
  • 10 classes, 45 new enemies, and 15 bosses (returning foes aren’t counted in those figures)
  • 12 areas equaling an amount of content similar to the first Dark Souls
  • 60 minutes of cut scenes, most of which are in-engine
  • “Sacrifice Ceremonies” can be used to visit other players’ worlds
  • Bonfires can be created by sacrificing
  • A “Heat Up” mechanic can be used to alter bosses (as shown in the boss screenshots below — that’s the same dude, apparently)
  • There’s something called “Sword Fighting Arts,” including moves like “Rush In” and “Circle”

I was just thinking last night that this year was light on E3 leaks. Plenty of time left for more.

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