People are already making Zelda and Mario Kart games in Game Builder Garage


It’s on Switch now

So Game Builder Garage kind of came out of nowhere. Nintendo announced it very recently, and then all of a sudden, boom, it’s on the eShop on June 11 for 30 bucks. As a reminder, this is a tool for people who “dream of building their own game,” and allows for a streamlined way for folks to experience game and visual design: much like many STEM-focused games of its ilk in the past few years.

As expected, incredibly talented folks are now going crazy with the in-game tools, and are re-creating classic Nintendo games. As spotted on Nintendo Life, Twitter user MrTalida actually managed to craft the 1996 Ocarina of Time prototype, and ZeldaBoi made the original SNES Mario Kart.

It’s only been a few days, folks! It can only go up from here. Just like Dreams or LittleBigPlanet, I’m stoked to see what people come up with in this thing. And I sincerely hope that Nintendo doesn’t just shut the servers down after a year or two to preserve these works of art.

Here’s Mario Kart (Game ID: G 001 X6H M41):

GAME ID: G 001 X6H M41

Controls:A-accelerateZR/B-driftL/R-toggle racer

HAVE FUN!!!#GameBuilderGarage #NintendoSwitch

— ZeldaBoi (Game Building in the Garage) (@ZeldaBoi1) June 12, 2021

And here’s the Zelda: Ocarina of Time prototype (No Game ID yet):

Oops! I created the 1996 Ocarina of Time prototype in Game Builder Garage.

— MrTalida (@MrTalida) June 13, 2021

And here’s a Nintendogs proof of concept (Game ID: G 004 5JR 906):

「nintendogs+garage」ID:G004 5JR 906ボールを追いかけたり芸を披露したり、とても可愛く賢い子犬です。プログラムをアレンジすれば、猫や馬など好きな動物に変えて楽しむことも出来ます。※携帯モードでは遊べません。ラボ作品の移植版です#GameBuilderGarage#はじめてゲームプログラミング

— いちりん (@ichirin_anemone) June 10, 2021