One third into 2022: What's your early frontrunner for Game of the Year?


Step into the (Elden) ring

Believe it or don’t, the arrival of April officially sees us one-third into 2022. It seems like only yesterday that I was watching the clock strike midnight and thinking about how much promise the new year would bring, and, just like that, we’re already four months into the year and I’ve already lost all of that well-intended hope!

Jesting aside, (I’m not jesting), there’s no denying that the opening chunk of 2022 has brought with it a boatload of grand releases — many of which were simply late to the party having been held over from 2021. These delays resulted in something of an embarrassment of riches for video game fans, particularly across February and March, as many heavy heavy-hitters came out swinging, providing fans of all genres with what must be the biggest opening salvo in modern memory.

elden ring game of the year

While many of us tend to find our Game of the Year during the busy spring and fall periods, it seems that we’ve already been gifted a huge selection of great-to-excellent titles to choose from in 2022.

Whether it’s FromSoftware’s fantasy adventure Elden Ring, Nintendo’s period piece Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Guerrilla Games’ stunning Horizon: Forbidden West, Sloclap’s hard-hitting dust-up Sifu, or even the colorful silliness of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, truly there has already been a five-star release for everybody. And that’s without even mentioning the slew of fantastic indie games such as Norco, Tunic, Nobody Saves the World, and Infernax.

kirby game of the year

And so, I open the floor to you, our beloved community, to ask what one title is currently frontrunner for your Game of the Year 2022. There is still everything to play for. Not only will you have not experienced everything 2022 has offered so far, but there are still a whopping eight months of releases ahead until the arrival of the much-vaunted “awards season“. Regardless, there is likely to be something currently crowned King of the Hill, prepared to fend off all-comers as the rest of the year plays out…

…Cause baby, it ain’t over ’til it’s ooooooooo-veeeeeeerrrrr…