GameMaker Studio featured in latest Humble Bundle


Deal of the century?

Are you interested in getting into game development? Would you like to try out GameMaker Studio, but don’t have the requisite amount of money to tinker with the software? Humble Bundle has the deal for you, then.

In addition to getting the source code for a bunch of games made on GameMaker Studio, for a mere $15, you will get access to GameMaker Studio: Pro and iOS, Windows UWP, HTML5, and Android modules for the program. That is no joke. For a meager $15, you’ll have access to nearly $1,900 worth of software.I have no idea how they are discounting the software so much, but anyone with the slightest interest should jump on this.

As for the games included, I actually dig Home. It was pretty solid, if a bit linear and one-dimensional. I don’t think anyone is going to be grabbing this for the games on offer, though.

Humble GameMaker Bundle[Humble Bundle]