Gears of War is twice as efficient this weekend


How about another 32x weekend?

Everyone on the grind to level 100 in Gnashers Gears of War Ultimate Editionwill want to take note of this weekend. The Coalition is really trying to push the Hill-type games, and there’s some extra incentive to spend your off-days on Sera gibbing other people.

Until midday Monday, Gears of Waroffers double XP on all public Hill-type games. That means both King of the Hill and Blitz. Annex would qualify, but it has been relegated to private matches only. Accordingly, the “This Is Annex!” Achievement has been updated so that it can be earned in all Hill-types, not just Annex.

The real kicker here is that the base XP configurations have been rejiggered so that every King of the Hill game now offers 1.5 times (I think) the experience from what was earned in the match. It’s reasonably possible to end a game with around 20,000 XP, which is a godsend for those who are trying to hit the level cap.

Now if we could just get a kills multiplier to help out with that tedious “Seriously” Achievement…

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