Genshin Impact started a second Discord server because the first reached capacity


The popularity of this game is unending

When I first played Genshin Impact nearly a year ago I knew it was going to be big, but not this big. It really says something when a gacha game is actually pretty high in quality, and the heavy focus on character design really grabbed people on an emotional level. To say their strategy has been a stroke of genius is understating it. Now their fanbase is so massive that they’re capping out Discord server capacity (which isn’t something I was even aware could happen), and are on their way to doing it a second time.

As most hardcore fans know, the original Genshin Impact Discord completely capped out, and folks have been waiting for miHoYo to address the situation. Well, what easier way to solve the issue than to open up a second Discord!

The Genshin Impact Discord link

You can find the invite to the second Discord here, which currently is hosting over 127,000 members at the time of publication: it’s called the “Genshin Impact Tavern.” Just a year ago Discord was toying with sparing occasions where people would need to increase server caps beyond 100K users: they’ve grown so much in the past year given how many people have been in isolation.

With 2.0 live and underway, it stands to reason that miHoYo needed to figure out this situation as quickly as possible. Similar to how Final Fantasy XIV recently got a huge influx of players, people are flocking to different online-enabled games and moving out of their comfort zone.