Genshin Impact is about to get a whole lot bigger with more updates on the way


Two updates due in 2020

Genshin Impact is already pretty packed for a free game, but a recent blog post from developer and publisher miHoYo sheds some light on what’s in the pipeline.

According to the post, miHoYo is aiming for updates “every six weeks,” with patches arriving on Wednesdays. The studio says that patches won’t just be technical fixes and the like either, as each will come “with its own themed activities.”

We’ll get the first one on November 11, which will add the Unreconciled Stars event. On December 23 the next update will follow suit, adding a brand new area (Dragonspine) and extra content. In February of 2021, a Lantern Rite event is a go. Presumably, the “six weeks” format will continue after that.

Smaller quality of life changes are also coming to Genshin Impact, like the ability to track the stuff you find in the game with a compendium-like tool and quick-use items. Truth be told I’m fairly content with how the actual game works foundationally; it would just be great to have more activities to do between leveling.

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