Get a new look at Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age


Jobs, jobs, and more jobs

Man, I’m chomping at the bit to try Final Fantasy XIIagain. I’ve cleared it twice — once at launch, and I had another go around four years back, but the new visuals, presumably quicker load times, and the International Version content is a nice incentive.

That said, XII still feels like one of the weaker entries to me. Its version of Ivalice wasn’t as magical as Tactics‘ was, the story wasn’t as original (for better and worse, given its less absurdist world) than other entries, and outside of Gambits its gameplay mostly feels like an extension of XI, which I played to death. Maybe some of those notions will change when I tackle Zodiac Age.

This new trailer is making a good case though, and we’ll be able to see for ourselves when it arrives in the west on July 11 — two days ahead of Japan.