Get caught up with the Yo-Kai Watch storyline in under two minutes


You can start with the impending third game

Nintendo is continuing to assist Level-5 in publishing the Yo-Kai Watchseries outside of Japan, and the latest game, Yo-Kai Watch 3, is about to hit US shores on February 8.

To help facilitate any missed story beats the Big N just released a new trailer that will catch folks up, giving them the rundown on the first two games followed by a brief setup for the third. To be clear here, it’s okay if the newest entry is your first.Yo-Kai Watch is kind of like Pokemon in that regard. Although the former does star the same character for the vast majority of the series, you can just jump in carefree and only miss out on a few select homages and Easter eggs.

If you want to see what Yo-Kai Watchis all about you can start from the third game without any major issues: especially with the change in setting for the main protagonist Nate, who moves toSt. Peanutsburg, BBQ (USA) at the start of Yo-Kai Watch 3. The other 50% of the campaign deals with newcomer Hailey in Japan, the franchise’s traditional setting.

As a note, Level-5 has done away with the “multiple release” concept in the west: it’s just one bundled SKU outside of Japan(a combination of Sushi andTempura,otherwise known as the third Sukiyaki ultimate edition).