Get flipped on with this awesome Undertale pancake


Happy Pancake Day!

Today is the most important day. Christmas go screw itself and New Year can piss off because today is the most wonderful time of the year: it’s Pancake Day.

Whether you’re religious or not, today’s a day where you can gorge yourself on as many pancakes as you can get your syrup-covered hands on, before lying back in your armchair and letting out some big, battery belches.

To celebrate this, our holiest of days, here’s YouTuber TigerTomato combining the two most beautiful things on this earth: pancakes and video games. Watch as they manage to make a perfect looking Sans from Undertale out of nothing but coloured pancake mix.

TigerTomato has done a few game-themed pancakes, such as Five Nights at Freddy’s, Plants vs. Zombies, Sonic, Minecraft, Kirby and Pokemon.

I’m going to eat every single one of them.