Get ready for five more years of Destiny 2


Lotta gas left in the tank

Destiny 2, a game that’s soon entering its third year of content, isn’t going anywhere in the immediate future. No, Bungie has a lot more in store for its mega-popular space shooter.

Leading up to the October 1 release of the Shadowkeep expansion, Destinydirector Luke Smith mentions this is the start of “a five-year vision for the game.” Bungie plans to iterate in a lot of ways. Changing seasons within each expansion, a revamped end-game that revolves around powering up an artifact which is described as “an infinite power grind,” a renewed focus on PvP, and a free-to-play version of the game — it’s all stuff that the developer is setting its sights on now that it’s the lone steward of Destiny.

The subtext here is that Destiny 3has seemingly been shelved for the foreseeable future. Under Activision’s banner, a regular cadence of sequels made sense from a giant publisher’s perspective. Now independent, shaping Destinyas a living product — even more so than before — is the direction Bungie wants to take. It looks like Destiny 2is gonna stick around until 2024 or so.