Giveaway: Take a Closed Alpha Test key for Steel Circus


No clownin’ around, gang

Just take a key from our Closed Alpha Test giveaway for Steel Circus.

Ok well we’re already behind on this, so not much time to dilly-dally. We’ve got 100 total Closed Alpha Test keys for Steel Circus, so just take one, already.

Ok so in the future the leaders of the galaxy meet once a year to do galactic governing. During this meeting, they also play Blitzball with robots. There, that’s all you need to know! Just watch the trailer above. Like I said, there’s very little time.

Steel Circus is a competitive sports game/hero shooter (of goals lol) where you must score goals against your opponent. Think soccer mixed with a class shooter, with some rock, paper, scissors thrown in for good measure. You have a Striker who can use their mobility to score, an Enforcer who can use brute strength to disable other players, and a Specialist who can neutralize both using tactics and special moves. Checks and balances, man.

Anyway, this closed alpha is running for 24 hours, only. And we’re about three hours into it. So just take a Steam key if this sounds cool. Use the widget below to claim one. Email me if you have any trouble.

The closed alpha runs 9 am PST on Feb 15 to 9 am PST on Feb 16. Our keys are first come, first served — once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Steel Circus is slated for a 2019 launch.