Top-down cyberpunk shooter Glitchpunk is out now in Early Access


Taking old-school Grand Theft Auto into the future

The cyberpunk setting has become pretty popular in games as of late, but a new one is mixing the neon-soaked aesthetic with some older mechanics. Glitchpunk, a top-down shooter in the vein of Grand Theft Auto 2, hit Early Access today.

From developer Dark Lord and published by Daedalic Entertainment, a new trailer today shows what the general setup of Glitchpunk is. In a dystopian, cyberpunk future, you play as a glitching android, taking on different jobs throughout the world. And once the bullets start flying, well, it looks like things get chaotic.

Looks like there are also some factions to deal with, each with their own goals and ambitions. In Early Access, the first city—New Baltia—is currently available, with Outpost Texas (yeehaw) arriving in three to four weeks. Two more cities are planned after that for the Early Access period, Neo Tokyo and Moscow, each with their own gangs and characters.

With a hacking system, a bunch of gangs and the promise of multiple cities, a “mature story” that will have several different endings, and lots of firepower, Glitchpunk‘s Early Access seems worth keeping an eye on. Also, according to a press release we received, there are a bunch of methods for getting around the city, ranging from cars, trucks, and motorbikes to buses and trains, even tanks. Finally, I can hijack a future-train.

You can find Glitchpunk over here on Steam, where its Early Access is live for $19.99 (with a 20% discount launch bonus). And if you’re eager for even more games, check out the slew of them that arrived on the Nintendo Switch eShop today. There is truly no shortage of games to play, but I’d like to find some time at some point to see what this mix of old and new is bringing to the table.