Gogeta (SS4) joins the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster this week


Super Duper Saiyan Duper Daiyan Super

The excellent Dragon Ball FighterZ is still going strong, having recently seen its third anniversary with no signs of slowing down just yet. In fact, DBFZ’s third season of content continues this week, with the arrival of DLC character Gogeta (SS4). The fearsome fighter will launch on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch March 12. (Though season pass owners can get in on the action two days early on March 10).

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is the fusion of Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Vegeta. This immensely powerful warrior made an appearance in the Dragon Ball GT anime, when the two friendly rivals fused in order to take down the ridiculously spiky Omega Shenron. The combined might of the Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta fusion was so great that it only lasted mere minutes before the heroes were forced to defuse.

As you can see in the brief trailer below, Gogeta (SS4) is an immensely confident – even arrogant – fighter, which is pretty brazen given that goofy-ass tail. Gogeta (SS4) joins DBFZ‘s near 40-strong roster, which features a wide variety of Goku and Vegeta variants, alongside a selection of more individual characters such as Frieza, Videl, Cooler, and Android 21.