Good God why: Jigglypuff is a US Target exclusive



[Update:Jigglypuff went live and sold out in about two minutes. This wave is going to be fun.]

Strap yourselves in for a rant, ladies and gentlemen.

While covering all of the amiibo exclusives in the past, there was one retailer that handled its situation particularly poorly: Target. In the case of Rosalina, pre-orders went up in the dead of night for roughly 10 minutes, and were promptly sold out. No limits were placed on them, and many scalpers provided proof that they ordered a ton of stock to resell.

On the other side of the equation in what was more Nintendo’s fault than the retailer, employees were notified that Rosalina would “not be restocked.” At all. As in, once Rosalina sold out nationwide at retail in roughly 30 minutes, that was it. And with Nintendo being Nintendo, they’ll likely sit on news of a reprint for months.

Compare that to pre-orders for Shulk at GameStop or Meta Knight at Best Buy, which were up for days on end with order limitations, with the former store immediately assuring customers that a restock would be provided in the summer.

Following up this poor launch, Target has yet anotherexclusive — Jigglypuff. Maybe it’ll learn from its mistakes, actually limit pre-orders, and tell people when said pre-orders will go live. I’m hopeful.

Either way it seems as if Wave 4 is going to be a complete shitshow.

Jigglypuff [Target]