Good lord, not another Dead Island


I’m afraid so

It’s impressive how much Deep Silver has milked the Dead Island name over the past five years. You know, considering a trailer, of all things, is the zombie franchise’s claim to fame.

So it comes as no surprise that the publisher is looking to drive the series into the ground (more than it already has) with yet another spin-off. According to Australia and Brazil’s ratings boards, Dead Island: Retro Revenge is in the works at San Diego-based studio Empty Clip Games.

There isn’t much information on the gameat this time, though it’s already received an M-rating from the notorious Australian games council and is in development for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

While Empty Clip doesn’t have much of a track record to speak of (it’s mostly been a port factory to date), Deep Silver hasn’t had much luck with the franchise. After following up the original with a pair of lousy sequels,Escape Dead IslandandDead Island Riptide, the publisher more recently hit Dead Island 2 with anindefinite delayandremovedSpec Ops: The Lineteam Yager from the project.

The publisher also recentlyshut downits MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic, which nobody ever seemed to play, despite the fact it was both free and constantly spammed Steam users with beta invitations. While it would be a pleasant surprise if one of these games ended up being worth it, one has to wonder how long Deep Silver can continue churning out shoddyproducts and still turn a profit.

Dead Island: Retro Revenge [Australian Classification, Classificação Indicativa]