Good start, Monday: Splatoon's cat has a bow tie


It’s actually his fur!

What’s a “Splatoon cat”? Sifting through my email this morning for gems to share with you, my eyes darted straight to one from Holmes with that subject line. Whatever it is, I’m in.

As translated by NeoGAF user StreetsAhead, the cat’s name is Judge, which is fitting since “he has the ability to instantly distinguish the status of the entire turf war field,” and also judges the round’s winners and losers. If more referees looked like this, we wouldn’t get so upset at bad calls.

The developers have been posting regular updates on Twitter, including this recent picture of that tempura guy (aka Crusty Sean, the proprietor of Shrimp Kicks). What fantastic characters.

I’m convinced Splatoon is one of the best things Nintendo has cooking.

[Via Go Nintendo]