Grab some wang (and Shadow Warrior) for free on Steam today


You want to watch Wang wash wang?

For one reason or another, the remake of Shadow Warrioris free on Steam today. Maybe this is to coincide with the release of some new content for Shadow Warrior 2, but either way, you can now experience some nice hard wang for the low price of free. If you want to opt for the “Special Edition” version of the game, you’ll only be set back a paltry $1.99.

I didn’t find Shadow Warriorto be an instant classic, but it was a fairly good game with a lot of great action set-pieces. It also was a far better remake of a classic IP than a similarly foul mouthed protagonist got a few years prior. It was Serious Sammeets modern tech with plenty of blood and enemies to slice up.

So, why not do yourself a favor and grab the game. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you can’t beat that price.