Grandia HD Collection now on Nintendo Switch, journeys onto PC next month


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Old school adventure heads will be pleased to hear that Gung Ho’s remaster of the classic Grandia RPGs is now available on Nintendo Switch, with a PC port of the original title coming as soon as September.

The Grandia HD Collection features remastered editions of the 1997 Sega Saturn and 1999 PlayStation title Grandia, along with its 2000 Sega Dreamcast sequel, Grandia II. Both titles feature updated UI’s and control systems, along with upgraded visuals and textures and support for English, Japanese, French and German languages.

The Grandia II remaster has already been available on PC for some time, under the title Grandia II Anniversary Edition. This release has now been renamed Grandia II HD Remaster, and will be joined by the original game sometime next month.

Grandia HD Collection is available now on Nintendo Switch via eShop. Grandia HD Remaster will launch on PC in September via Steam