Grimshade announced on the Nintendo Switch


The twilight woods and the dire fear

[This week Destructoid is brought to you by Grimshade, a tactical RPG coming Q3 2018 throughKickstarter. The following note was provided by our sponsor.]

The peace is about to end in the hand-drawn world of Grimshade. The motley crew of assassins, snipers, warriors, badgers, and valkyries fight their way through the elaborate story of war and peace. The players can customize each of the characters through the gear they equip, adjusting their wide range of attack and defense types. The equipment they wear is key to their combat styles. Dressing and arming characters is what it takes to win a battle.

Another important thing in this is to know the types of monsters the players will come across. All enemies in Grimshade are carefully designed to challenge players. Learning the attack styles is crucial to counter the foes. Knowing how a monster fights, players can equip their crew and send the relevant characters into a battle to beat the monster’s strengths and use weaknesses. It works in dungeons more than elsewhere! The players will have to do deal with multiple battles and situations in one journey.

The players will also have a chance to explore a stunning world with its ragtag creatures. The hand-drawn world created by artists and designers feels alive with its characters to meet and locations to roam.

We are looking for funding for Grimshade. The campaign runs until June 21, 2018. Pledging $15 or more on Kickstarter will reward you with a copy of the game.

Grimshade is being developed for PC. The release is planned in late 2018. Nintendo Switch version is planned in early 2019. Other console versions are listed as a stretch goal of $200k.

Our team of 25 artists, designers, and programmers have really put their effort into making a unique world and inhabiting it with unique creatures. We can’t wait to bring this game to you and have players discover all the nooks and crannies, along with the Easter eggs hidden in Grimshade. Thanks for reading. We are really looking forward for you to support our project.