Guess who's back? Crash Bandicoot returns to the top of the UK Charts


All the whoas

You can’t even write it. Well, you can, because I am, but its true, guys and gals, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has jammed back into the number one slot of the UK Charts, courtesy of a hugely successful triple-threat of ports on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

It’s the first time Crash has been at the top since the Activision-published collection launched on PS4 around a year ago. The mad marsupial then proceeded to hang around the premier league for eons. The Switch port of N. Sane Trilogy is, in fact, the fastest selling Switch title of the year so far, though that is likely helped by the collection’s lower-than-usual price point.

Ubisoft will also be celebrating today, with racer sequel The Crew 2 also seeing solid success, debuting at the number two slot. Nintendo’s Mario Tennis Aces may have slipped from the throne after just one week, but the smashing title still holds court at number four. Elsewhere in the charts, re-entries were made by Star Wars Battlefront II at number seven, Activision’s Destiny 2 at number 16 and, weirdly, Sega’s Sonic Forces at number 29.

So, are we due another long-term run at the top by Crash Bandicoot? Only a fool would bet against it, but with the school Summer holidays on the horizon, it’s anybody’s game.

U.K. video game sales chart w/e: June 30 2018(Chart reflects in-store sales only)

1. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Activision2. The Crew 2 – Ubisoft3. FIFA 18 – Electronic Arts4. Mario Tennis Aces – Nintendo5. God of War – Sony Computer Entertainment 6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo7. Star Wars Battlefront II – Electronic Arts8. Grand Theft Auto V– Take 29. Fallout 4Bethesda10. Far Cry 5 – Ubisoft

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