Hacknet is currently free on Steam until tomorrow


You’re such a hack!

If you’ve ever dreamed about being a hacker and causing all kinds of digital chaos, then Hacknet is probably the game for you. The title is more about solving a murder mystery, but it still immerses you in the hacking lifestyle and presents some neato challenges to overcome. If you have any desire to give it a shot, the game is currently free on Steam until tomorrow, July 14, at 10 am PST.

Oddly, this isn’t the first time the game has been free this year. A few months ago, Humble Bundle gave Hacknet away to kick off its “Spring Encore” sale. A lot of you may have already grabbed this game from that very giveaway, but let this PSA be a message to those that haven’t. Hacknet is pretty neat and definitely worth a go.

Hacknet [Steam]