Hades just got cross-save support and that means I've gotta double-dip


Your save file can bounce between Switch and PC

And just like that, double-dipping with Hades on Nintendo Switch is a matter of when, not if. In an update released this afternoon, Supergiant Games added cross-save support for PC and Switch players.

Here’s the overview for the Nintendo Switch version, as outlined by the developer:

  • Click ‘Cross-Saves’ in the main menu, then connect your Steam or Epic Games Account.
  • Pause and quit to upload save data.
  • More specifics about the cross-save process are in the Help & Info section.

Supergiant also offered a quick word of warning before anyone rushes in haphazardly: “Please be sure that your progress is in different save slots between PC and Switch! Instructions on how to move your PC saves to a different slot are in the Help & Info section on Switch (you just rename the save file).”

Also important to note for completionists: “if you transfer progress from the Switch to PC, you’ll get any relevant achievements once you start the game! For example, if you reached the true ending already on Switch, you’ll get the achievement for having done that.”

This is a fantastic option to have, and if I didn’t know cross-saves were on the way (they were delayed), I probably would’ve already owned two copies of Hades. The combat is fun enough that I would’ve been willing to start fresh without all of my weapons, perks, and character-wooing progression carrying over.

Today’s Switch update also has “minor fixes and improvements” from a post-launch PC patch, and you can go through the particulars – including weapon and boon balance changes – over in this post.

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