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Haha sure: Crysis board game on Kickstarter

Tactical battles and chest-high walls

Crysis Analogue Edition – The Board Game. Huh. Okay. I have been pleasantly surprised in the past with video game shooters turned into tactical board games, but I’m still a bit skeptical about this one. I mean, Crysis‘s biggest claim to fame is its system requirements, which doesn’t exactly translate to the plastic and cardboard world.

The second thing people think about with Crysis is probably the Nanosuit, and that does make it into the game. I was particularly curious about how the cloaking would work in a competitive board game, since it would be hard to keep track of position without revealing that to opponents. It’s handled in an unusual way, where the player can play action cards face down before revealing them all at once and popping back on the map.

Crysis Analogue Edition – The Board Game is designed to accommodate two to eight players in either team deathmatch or “Capture the Relay,” Crysis‘s version of a neutral capture mode. It is currently up on Kickstarter, seeking€85,000 as its base funding goal.

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