HandyGames release heartbreaking trailer for ecological adventure Endling


Extinction is Forever

Publisher HandyGames has revealed the existence of Endling, a new title currently in development at indie studio Herobeat. A teaser trailer offers us a look at the new, eco-friendly adventure, showcasing its stylistic design and dramatic, high-stakes narrative.

Set in a near-future where the planet has been all but decimated through pollution, war, and man’s general inhumanity, Endling sees players take control of a vixen and her three fox cubs as they battle for survival in a ruined world. As the mother, players must guide her offspring through hazardous situations, providing food, water and shelter, whilst seeking out a more permanent home for her family. The somewhat upsetting trailer can be checked out below.

There’s still a long time to go before we can experience the family’s dangerous journey, however, as Endling is not expected to release for PC and consoles until the first quarter of 2021.Eco-conscious side-scroller Endling announced for PC and consoles [Gematsu]