Hard drive space should no longer be an issue on Xbox 360


The final frontier

Got a 2TB external hard drive lying around your house? Hook that bad boy up to your Xbox 360 and invite your friends over to marvel at how free space you have for games. Seriously, it’s so much space that your parents are going to regret not shelling out the cash for space camp when you were a kid.

Earlier this month, we learned of a preview program update for Xbox 360 owners that allowed for support of external hard drives up to 2TB. That’s live for everyone now, meaning that there’s a fairly cheap solution to running out of room for games. Gone are the days of being forced to buy Microsoft’s proprietary hard drive for mass storage.

While some of the Xbox One’s games tend to take up a laughable amount of space, Xbox 360 titles are compressed to a reasonable size. That means 2TB will go a long way. One well thought out purchase should last you until the console goes kaput.

This update brings a few less exciting features too. Now, you can check network statistics, easily see what you’ve bought, and easily see how much money you have to buy more things. You can obviously purchase more now that you’re living like the ruler of Hard Drive Space Land.

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