Have $20,000? Buy the life-sized Summer Lesson statue


We need one for the Destructoid office

Who needs virtual reality when you can have life-sized dolls? Oh wait, that’s a thing that exists…Anyways! If you have fallen in love with Summer Lesson’sHikari Miyamoto, you can get an ordinary figure of her for 9,500 yen (~$83 US) just like any ordinary game. But your love isn’t ordinary, your love is pure. You want the “human size” statue that costs nearly $23,000.

Hikari stands at 5’3 (165cm), can be posed in multiple ways, and has realistic hair, clothing, skin texture. The statue will also come with both a letter and 10-15 minute CD featuring a recorded voice message from Hikari to you, where she calls you byyourname. Also included is a code to download a bikini DLC outfit for Hikari in-game, which is also included when purchasing the $83 1/8 scale figure. The normal sized figure does not include the CD or letter.

Before applying to purchase the statue/doll/thing, Hikari asks you to check three things: “1. Do you have enough space for it? 2. Did you consult with your family about buying it? If I show up suddenly they will be very surprised, so please talk with them first. 3. Did you consult with your wallet? If you become broke like me, you’ll be in trouble!”

Sure you could probably buy a girlfriend with that money, but she wouldn’t be Hikari Miyamoto would she? You can put her next to your human-size Godzilla (which I wish I could say is “life-sized”) and scare away those pesky NHK collectors coming to charge you for nothing again.