Hellblade has an in-game photo mode


Wicked little pictures

Digital photographers will have a chance to snap shots in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Developer Ninja Theory today announced that the action game will launch with a fully operational Photo Mode on August 8.

According to Ninja Theory, Hellblade‘s Photo Mode is rather robust. Players will have complete control over the in-game camera, allowing for custom pans, color grading, and filters. For a game that features both gritty environments and dream-like sequences, the ability to fire off a few photos sounds like an extra treat.

In addition to the news, Ninja Theory shared a few pictures taken with Hellblade‘s Photo Mode. You can check them out in the gallery below.

I’ve written about my love for in-game photography before. There’s something super rewarding about spending a few minutes just to get the perfect snapshot. Hearing that I’ll have a chance to document Senua’s bizarre adventure through Hellblade already has me excited.