Hellblade will become profitable next month, according to Ninja Theory


They’ve also raised money for charity

Hellblade saw a different kind of marketing push from Ninja Theory. While studio head Tameem Antoniades usually gets himself into trouble puffing his chest and talking about what his fans “really want from action games,” he presented a more of a level-headed approach this time — which is definitely the right way to go, given the heavy subject matter.

Speaking to GamesBeat,Antoniades explains that Hellblade has nearly broken even, a goal they didn’t expect to reach until “six, eight, or [even] nine months.” He goes on to say that they’ll provide a more detailed break down in the future when they reach this goal, so that more developers are encouraged to do similar projects.Antoniades reminds folks that Ninja Theory wholly owns the IP this time as the publisher, so they don’t have to kowtow to another entity.

Given that this doesn’t even account for the fact that Ninja Theory raised£60,798 on World Mental Health Day for charity, I’d say this whole ordeal has been a success.

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