Here are the nominees for Destructoid's Game of the Show at E3 2018


You’re the best around!

After a literal two-month buildup to E3, the Show of Shows is finally in our rearview mirror. Was it good? I’m still not sure. But, if we zoom out a bit to years past, how often is E3 an unquestionable rousing success? Our expectations often exceed reality, and I guess that’s just what happens when you’re enthusiastic about something.

But this E3 felt extra middling because we’re in a weird holding pattern for new console hardware. Microsoft and Sony are clearly working hard on the futures of their respective platforms, but nobody’s ready to show it to the world yet. Hardware is what makes the biggest splash. This E3, we were largely left reminded that two of our three consoles are inching toward obsolescence.

It’s not all bad, though! Promise! There were some incredible-seeming games at E3 that will be a blast no matter which console they release on. (But, after seeing Cyberpunk 2077in action, I’m in the camp that believes it’s absolutely targeting next-gen platforms.) Our E3 team scurried from booth to booth, appointment to appointment all in the name of covering as many worthwhile games as possible. I believe we saw the best that E3 2018 had to offer.

Which brings us to this list. These are Destructoid’s nominees for Game of the Show at E3 2018. We’ll hold a staff vote and announce the winner in the very near future. Like every previous year, restaurants are again not eligible or else the dingy Chinese/Thai place that we frequented would be our clear-cut winner. (Man, that pineapple curry!) We’ll stick to video games.

Here are 10 games that had a really great E3, but which had the very best? Don’t touch that dial.