Here's a 15 minute rundown of the upcoming western-themed Borderlands 3 DLC


The delayed Takedown event is also out today

Borderlands 3 is still gearing up to unleash its third DLC pack on June 25â—Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption.

Following up the assault on a neon casino and Lovecraftian hell-on-Earth motifs, this western-themed DLC will introduce new characters and an addition world into the mix alongside of new activities and a self-contained storyline. If you’re anxious to dive in, Gearbox has released 15 minutes of footage for the add-on, which you can watch below.

Don’t worry: there aren’t any major story spoilers or anything. It doesn’t even kick off with a cinematic, it just gets right into gameplay and open world roaming. Although I was pretty pumped for the premise, the footage here doesn’t really do it for me. Hopefully the final version and the narrative will give it context.

In other Borderlands 3news,Takedown at the Guardian Breach, which was delayed last week, is available today. You can also catch that trailer below.