Here's a good look at Heroes of the Storm's new Overwatch Cosplay event


It also comes with a patch

Heroes of the Storm is back!

After months of slight balance patches, the team has been emerging from the ground to speak to fans again on social channels like Reddit, and now the game just got a big-ish patch on top of a new event. It’s none other than the OverwatchCosplay theme that was teased but not spoken about or announced at BlizzConline; and features outfits for several characters.

Valla is rocking the Reaper digs (Shadow Stalker), Johanna is cosplaying as Reinhardt (Gleaming Peacekeeper), Stitches is fittingly Roadhog (Hogmeat Stitches), and Raynor is Soldier 76 (Raynor 76). This joins a few other Overwatch cosmetics, like the notable Widowmaker skin for Nova: at this point, there’s a lotta Overwatchin Heroes!

I have to say, all of them except the Valla skin look pretty rad. It doesn’t really feel “Reaper” to me, while all of the others are so obvious at a glance, even with a behind the back overhead view. Given that they cost 525 gems or 600 shards for each tint (Hogmeat Stitches is a little more), I would have liked a little more flair.

If you’re not into buying skins, you can check out the full live patch notes here. Coincidentally, all of the above heroes have been reworked this week. And the loot boxes have finally been changed from the winter event to Nexomania II.