Here's a new look at Nioh 2 and its terrifying creatures


Also, another demo is coming to TGS

The PlayStation Blog is giving us an updated look at Team Ninja’s Nioh 2, and although it’s mostly art related, we do get a tangible bit of info.

The post focuses on the new protagonist, a “half-breed” that utilizes the power of Yokai. You can check out the motif they’re going for in the gallery below, which showcases enemies like the Nure-onna and the Enenra.The last image in the gallery below actually isn’t a creature at all: it’s you! I know it’s easy to forget given how little information we’ve had on this game since its reveal, but you can transform into Yokai/Devil Trigger form in the sequel using the “Yokai Shift” mechanic.

A new demo is coming to TGS next month, and although specifics aren’t discussed, that’s a clear shoe-in that we’ll get more info at the event. Team Ninja also tells us that over 50,000 people took part of the May/June demo session, with 18,00 of those replying to the survey (a high retention rate for any poll, showing a large amount of dedication).

Multiple staff members here at Destructoid are pumped to finally get our hands on Nioh 2, so I’m anxious to find out when the next big update is. I think it’s Jordan and I’s collective “most anticipated upcoming game!”

Here’s your first proper look at Nioh 2’s new protagonist [PlayStation Blog]