Here's all of Overwatch's story elements thus far


Some shorts, some comics

Overwatchmay not have a campaign, but it sure has a story.Framed around a conflict called the “Omnic [sentient robot] Crisis,” Overwatch was a peacekeeping organization that was thrown into turmoil and subsequently shut down as a result of an internal conflict. The game actually takes place years later, with heroes and villains from both sides waging war against one another.

If you’re interested in individual hero backgrounds, you can read them all at your leisure here. For everything else, check out the list below, which will be updated as more come. Even though it hasn’t even been properly released yet (that’s on May 24), I’m fairly invested in its world.

Digital shorts:

Digital comics:

Train Hopper (McCree)

Dragon Slayer (Reinhardt)

Going Legit (Junkrat & Roadhog)

A Better World (Symmetra)

Mission Statement (Pharah)

Destroyer (Torbjörn)


Mei’s Adventures (Mei)

Synaesthesia World Tour (Lúcio)

Fading Glory (Soldier 76)

Experimental Weapon Stolen (Soldier 76)

Lumerico Vision for Mexico Unveiled (Soldier 76)

Overwatch is Back