Here's an exclusive card reveal for The Elder Scrolls: Legends' Jaws of Oblivion expansion


It’s a Unicorn!

Bethesda just announced the Jaws of Oblivionexpansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game, and guess what?! It’s Oblivion-based.As fans recall, the 2006 game, titled “The Elder Scrolls IV,” tore open the open world market and went down in history alongside of its predecessor Morrowind.

In turn it crafted some of its own unique lore, and Bethesda is aiming to get back to that with the 75-card expansion arriving October 8, which features a new keyword: Invade (summon Oblivion Gates). We can share one card exclusively today in the form of the Unicorn. As a 3-cost card it’s pretty humble, and it actually serves as a buffer of sorts for lower power cards, granting them Charge (creatures can attack the turn they are summoned).

As you can imagine this invites all sorts of trickery, like buffing the Unicorn’s strength to create a stampede of chargers. It’ll require some finesse to really wring out its potential, but even as-is it should work well against CPUs who won’t see it coming.


“You may remember the Unicorn inThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivionfrom Hircine’s Daedric shrine quest, or you may have been lucky enough to run across it while you were exploring the woods of Tamriel. Whether you are attempting to ride the creature or kill it for its elegant horn, the Unicorn is arguably the most majestic beast you’ll come across on your travels.

A Legendary Beast from the upcoming Jaws of Oblivion expansion, Unicorn is a small creature with a huge effect. Charge, a keyword which allows creatures to attack the very turn they’re summoned, is one of the most powerful keywords in the game. Unicorn gives it to every creature you have in the same lane with less power than itself! For starters, that’s only going to be creatures you play in the lane with one power. There are decks with a lot of one-power creatures, like Token decks that summon a lot of Imperial Grunts; however, the best way to get value out of Unicorn will be by buffing its own power with other effects or Items! For example, if you use a Dawnbreaker to turn Unicorn into a 6/7 from a 2/3, all of a sudden you’ll be giving Charge to every creature you play to that lane with five power or less, and your opponent will have a big problem on their hands.”